How to Redirect Http to SSL HTTPS Win 2012 IIS 8.5



Code: 10719 Publish date: 2017/7/12
Redirect http to https SSL Windows URL Rewrite

How to Redirect Http to SSL HTTPS Win 2012 IIS 8.5

Redirect http to SSL https Win 2012 IIS8 Step by Step Guide

1- First of all check if you don't have IIS URL Rewrite Module download from Microsoft and Install.

2- On the IIS Double Click URL Rewite to open.

3- Click on Add Rule and select Blank rule:

4- Type a name for rule like: Redirect http pages to https and in Match URL, Requested URL select: Match the Pattern. on Using select: Wildcard and type * character on pattern.

5-  in Condition section click Add and type {HTTP_HOST} in Condition input and in section check if input string select: Does Not Match the Pattern and type your domain name on pattern section and click OK.


6- Click Add again and type {HTTPS} on Condition Input, Select Matches the pattern on Check if input string and type off on pattern, click OK.


6- Dont change Server Variables.
7- In Action and Action Type select Redirect.on redirect URL type:{R:0} and select permanent 301 on Redirect Type.

Click on Apply from top right:

At the end check web site in browser with http, it should redirect web site with SSL and https.

  • Author: Amir Javidan
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