VMware vCenter Server 6 Quick Installation Guide (vSphere Web Client) tutorial



Code: 10412 Publish date: 2015/5/26
vMware vCenter Server 6 Quick Installation Guide--

VMware vCenter Server 6 Quick Installation Guide (vSphere Web Client)

Good news in vMware 6.X series products  is vCenter 6, its really more friendly on installation.
In this guide I just used the minimum resources to test installation, you may need more.

Before start check vCenter 6 quick embedded system requirement:
* Win 2012 R2 or Win 2008R2 on physical or virtual machine
* Minimum 8GB memory for OS(Note: some service may not start automatically on server restart if use minimum RAM)
*Recommend 10GB memory.
*2 core CPU (vCore or real core)
* FQDN on machine should be ping on local network before start installation
*Create reverse DNS o your DNS server for IP that used on vCenter machine.
Using fresh OS without any extra application or program recommended.

Mount downloaded vCenter ISO and start installation:

1- Click Install button

2- Click Next

3- Select I accept ... and Next button

4- In Select Deployment Type page because we are using minimum resources and its a quick installation select Embedded Deployment (for 1 vCenter installation in 1 machine). click Next...

5- For System Network Name should use a name that it have rDNS and ping able, we usually call this kind of host name: FQDN, click Next...

6- For vCenter Single Sign-On configuration "SSO" because it was not installed before and is first time installation select "Create new vCenter singe sign on domian"
Note: keep this password/username secure, if you forgot this cant login and should install again.

7- vCenter Server Service Account
Select: Use Windows Local System Account and for username add machine name\username for example if FQDN is support.day.ir and username is administrator add support\administrator

8- Database settings
Select Use an embedded database (vPostgres)

9- Configure ports
If this is fresh OS usually you don't need to change any port.

10- Destination Directory
You don't need to change.

11- Ready to take off (installation) :)
Review settings before installation starts.

12- Installation Progress
In normal system with good performance you may wait for about half an hour.

At the end Setup Complete, before click Launce vSphere Web Client read this:

Note: You should add license before 60 days.
Note: For login should use user@domain like : administrator@vsphere.local
Note: You need to update Adobe flash player in your browser.
  • Author: Amir javidan
Resource: Day Telecom